A Foodie’s Guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is definitely a foodie’s favorite place. There are a lot of different cuisines and restaurants to try. Here is a roundup of the places I have tried if you are visiting!


If you are an indecisive person and like to sample a lot of dishes, brunch is a perfect opportunity to do that. The restaurants have small plates of food that you can try and create your ideal brunch menu.


Møller Kaffe & Køkken

Located in the Norrebro district, this is a very popular place to both locals and tourists. They have a list of breakfast dishes that you can pick from. Although the plates look small, the food was a lot and very filling. I ordered the light and dark sourdough bread with nutella, mills waffle, sea turrets & banana mash, vanilla espuma, and eggs with mirror, corn, leaf sticks, truffles. My favorite dish was definitely the waffles with its light and airy cream.

Wulff and Konstali

Located in Amager, the restaurant is a bit further out from the city center but it is very close to the airport so you can stop by here on your way to or from the airport in the morning. They also have a list of brunch and breakfast options that you can mix and match. You can either pick 5 or 7 items for a fixed price. When you come here, grab a menu card and a pencil by the cashier and find a spot in the restaurant (they also have outdoors seating). After you select your dishes, you give the card to the cashier to pay and you will wait at your table to be served. My favorite plates are the chocolate pancakes (top right) and yogurt (bottom right).



Many restaurants close around 9 or 10 pm even on the weekends so be sure to get some food before they close! The restaurants that we have been to have a nice ambiance.



Located in Norrebro, a popular district in Copenhagen with a lot of students and young adults, Mirabelle was a convenient location. I got the Housemade BÆST mozzarella, grilled cucumbers from Farm of Ideas, elderflower capers. The pasta was really good and flavorful but I was still left filling a little hungry from the meal.

Peder Oxe

Located close to the Norreport St train station, we went to a more upscale place for dinner. I decided to try something different and got the Wild Boar. I liked the sauce and the cranberry jam that went with the meat.


Bertels Kager Frederiksberg

Our tour guide from the walking tour suggested this cheesecake bakery. As someone who doesn’t like cheesecake, I think it is definitely a must try. They have different cheesecake flavors like oreos, strawberry, strawberry oreo (combination!), pistachio, and a few other flavors. We went after dinner and tried a slice of the strawberry cheesecake and it was amazing. The cream cheese was not heavy and you can taste the pieces of strawberry.


Food Halls

If you want to sample from a few different restaurants, you can go to food markets to try a few dishes.



Located near the Norreport train station, Torvehallerne is a popular food hall for both locals and tourists. You can stop by for breakfast where you can grab a few pastries and coffee, lunch, or some snacks. They also have fresh seafood and meat, wine, beverages, and other groceries.

We then went across to Un Mercato where they had a good fixe price brunch menu but we settled on a single breakfast entree instead. I got yogurt and my friend got pancakes. There is a seating upstairs and you can pick a spot by the windows if you are interested in people watching.


The Bridge Street Kitchen

Located just across the bridge from Nyhavn, we saw food stalls from the Bridge Street Kitchen and decided to get food here (since we didn’t find the Paper Island street food market and later found out it closed in December 2017).  I got a pork belly sandwich from Palægade Smørrebrød and an ice cream sundae from Dessertboden. Bridge Street Kitchen have tables and benches where you can sit and eat. There are also lounge chairs a few feet away next to the water if you want to people watch along the sidewalk or the canal. You can also get some food before you head to Christiania.


When you are in Denmark, eating a hotdog is a must. There are many different types of hotdogs that you can get. We went to DØP where they use organic ingredients. I got the classic roasted hot dog. It is a quick snack that you can get in between meals.


Food tips

  • Restaurants take credit cards and no tip is needed afterwards (unless you go to a more upscale place).
  • Tap water is not as accessible. They have it in cafes and bars but in the restaurants we have been to, they charge you for still water.
  • Make reservations in advance if you plan on going to one of the Michelin star restaurants.

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