10 things to see and do in Stockholm (Sweden)

Visited: May 2022

I traveled to Stockholm, Sweden in May 2022 as part of a class trip. It is easy to walk on the island although you would want to take their public transportation for places that are further away. Here are my top 10 things to do in Stockholm.

1. Walk Stockholm Old Town, Gamla Stan

The town was founded in 1252 although most of the current buildings were built in the 1700s and 1800s. There are a lot of attractions here, including the Stortorget, the Royal Palace, and the Nobel Prize Museum. If you time it, you might be able to see the changing of the guards outside the Royal Palace.

Standing in front of Gamla Stan

2. Walk the Monteliusvägen, a walking path with a view of Lake Mälaren, Stockholm City Hall, and Riddarholmen. If you are able to, find the path to Mariaberget, which gives you a nice view of the city from a higher altitude


3. Walk the Skeppsholmsbron bridge. It has the golden crown in the middle of the bridge on both sides.

Skeppsholmsbron bridge

4. Walk around the Sodermalm area. There are a lot of trendy shops that you can browse through and cafes to take a break. The Fotografiska museum is right by the water and has a great water view.

Water view by Sodermalm area

5. See some of the subway art on the walls. The first picture is located in T-Centralen. The station’s blue color and the flower and leaves pattern creates a more peaceful environment for the commuter. The second picture is in Kungstradgarden station. It is an underground “king’s garden” with around fifty casts of sculptures, a 17th century palace, and an elm tree that has been petrified.


6. Fika at Vete-Katten

A fika is a Swedish tradition where you can take a break with others during the day with a hot drink and snack.

7. Eat at Nook

A Michelin star restaurant that changes their menu regularly


8. Eat at Max, which is Sweden’s favorite hamburger chain


9. Shopping at Drottninggatan Shopping Street,  the main shopping street in central Stockholm. There are lots of shops and restaurants to browse through

Drottninggatan Shopping Street

10. Visit the ABBA Museum, an interactive museum that tells the history of ABBA

ABBA Museum