Day Trip to Haarlem (Netherlands)

Haarlem is about a 15 mins trip ride from Amsterdam and is a good day trip town to visit.


We started our day at Anne and Max for brunch and ordered the fixe brunch menu for two. The food was amazing and very filling! I would highly recommend visiting. Just remember to bring cash with you as they are cash only.

Afterwards, we went to the Molen De Adriaan windmill where we arrived just in time for a guided tour about the history and the workings of the windmill. As we climbed up the windmill, each floor explained a different part and function of the windmill. We even went on the platform outside where you can see the windmill turning upclose and got a nice view of the town.

After the tour, we stopped by CHCO Chocolate Company Cafe to get hot chocolate. If you get the hot chocolate, they give you a chunk of chocolate on a stick that you can dunk it into hot milk with.

We ended our day at Jopen, a former church that now sells beer and food. (In the second location in Haarlem, they even host brewery tours!) They have 20 beers on tap to order from and we decided to get a drink before we left.


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