How to spend 24 hours in Berlin

Berlin is a great place to visit if you are a history buff. There are multiple museums and cultural institutions that you can visit. Places in Berlin are quite spread out so I would suggest buying an unlimited train card to get around.

We landed late night in Berlin and found a few kebab places near where we were staying. I was excited that they included fries with the meat and it was really good!

We started our day by heading to the Oberbaum Bridge to reach the East Side Gallery, the longest intact piece of the Berlin wall.

The East Side Gallery consists of hundreds of artwork and paintings that chronicles the political events that have occurred since 1980/90.

After we walked along the East Side Gallery, we got some food nearby in a food court.

We then went to the DDR Museum to learn more about the everyday life in East Germany. It was a very informative and interactive museum where you can read original texts, see photos, and touch objects that were similar to their everyday household items. There is even a section of life size rooms that you can see how they live and what they have used.

We then ate a late lunch before heading over to the Topograhy of Terror. We passed by Checkpoint Charlie along the way. Checkpoint Charlie is a famous landmark and crossing point between East and West Germany. There is an exhibition nearby that shares stories of people who tried to cross the checkpoint.

As the name indicates, the Topography of Terror museum shows the terrible things that happened during the Nazi regime.

We walked passed the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The architect Peter Eisenman placed 2711 concrete slabs of different heights in the space. It is a bit of an eerie and uneasy experience walking through the memorial.

We had signed up for a tour at the Reichstag in the evening. It is a self guided audio tour that points out different landmarks in Berlin. I would suggest reserving a spot in the morning or afternoon so you can better identify the landmarks during the daytime.

We passed by the famous Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) before entering the subway.

We went to Burgermeister for dinner. Their burgers are definitely something you should try and we even got seconds!

Visited: February 2018


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